Beijing Olympic Torch

It's been always amazing for me to see how and why olympic torches are designed. Well, the upcoming Beijing olympic torch was designed by Lenovo (PC company!!) chosen among 300 competitor themes under the title of "Cloud of Promise", Resembling an ancient scroll and featuring "lucky cloud", and it took Lenovo 10 months to design it. It's made of polished aluminum-magnesium alloy. Material plays major role in this torch, esp. coated rubber-based paint of the handle to emulate sensation of one hand holding another. Each Olympic Torch keeps stories, history, traditions of its time and host, manifested in forms, colors, symbols and materials.

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Sarah said...

while I agree it looks quite cool. I question theri choice of materials.

Burning Aluminum... Not such a good idea considering what studies have shown relating Altheimers with Aluminum cooking pans and they're not even on fire!...

And Magnesium...isn't this a metal that when started on fire won't go out and if it becomes molten it burns through anything...the only escape is completely snuffing out the O2?

It may be safe but, I'm skeptical.