Apple vs Braun

Some design enthusiasts criticize Apple that it wasn't fair Jonathan Ive linger to admit his inspiration from Braun and Dieter Rams. Though, its clear that this is tribute here. but what about other similarities between these two. Sometimes that is taking from some general philosophy but, here it is duplication, isn't it? And why doesn't Braun sue apple on this? Is it some gift or there is some theif. Maybe they have paid Braun for borrowing design. but this is Ive who cares about simplicity, and dares to embrace this thinking, and then? well, we all know the outcome.


Ultimate Aero

Ultimate Aero from SSC holds the title of " World's Fastest Car" and you see the early sketch inspired from napkin drawing of Jerod Shelby, founder. Aero Design is under influence of the Gordon Murray-designed McLaren F1. Although Bugatti now is behind to hold the record of the fastest, but its design seems more sophisticated to me; Curves and colors are more pleasant to eyes aesthetically and the car convinces you to be fast designly. Although technically, Aero is mid-engine, rear-drive with no traction control and also cheaper compared to Bugatti. See Aero in action!