Knowhere Clocks

most of the time, when I'm chatting with my friends all around the world, or relatives, I am wondering what the time is there, and now, with Knowhere Clocks, we can make it, more beautifully, much more easier and right at the moment.


Cassette MP3 Player

If this mp3 player reminds me of Cassette nostalgia in the past, then maybe we can call it some of Retro-Design, so if chinese people are designing and are understanding Design language, then it means lots of things to lots of people, and the best one for me is that, great deal of people would involve with Design.


Why Design Won’t Save the World?

I always used to ask myself if Design is at service of poor people and if it is about to be human-centred, so why, day by day it is getting away from its real purpose, which part is important for Design, this 90%, or that 10%:

Who is Buckminster Fuller?

the first time I heard his name, Buckminster Fuller, goes back to the first review of Design history and his name always reminds me of that special drop-shape stream-lined car, Dymaxion Car , but Bucky is so much more than this, you can see it for yourself here.


Why NOT?

" You see things, and you say: ' Why? '

But I dream things that never were, and I say:

' Why not?' ''

George Bernard Shaw