World Design Capital

The future success of each city lies in the hands of those who plan, design and manage the shared spaces and functions of their city.
For cities, design is at their very core and is leveraged in business, with citizens, as well as in government to make cities more attractive, more liveable and more efficient.
The World Design Capital is a city promotion project celebrating the merits of design. Held biennially, it seeks to highlight the accomplishments of cities that are truly leveraging design as a tool to improve the social, cultural and economic life of cities, throughout a yearlong program of design-related events.
Having beaten out Eindhoven, Helsinki appointed the World Design Capital for 2012.

We're getting more and more World Design STH and I hope this helps raising the awareness of design for human better life.
And the other wish is that I am dreaming Tehran to be a WDC one day.


a car for blind

Build a car that blind individuals can drive? that could navigate a curved course defined by a single lane of traffic cones; regulate speed within a predefined limit; and stop in time to avoid a collision. What do you say? National Federation of the Blind, challenged everyone to get involved in this idea and finally guys at Virginia Tech developed it. they employed other senses of blind - hearing and touch. The degree of vibration conveyed thru the worn vest by the blind, shows the blind how much brake is needed. Steering column "clicks" every 5 degrees turning and the driver verbally commands how many clicks needed. Again laser maps the path and tactile map helps blind on the way. This car is on progress.

VIA [MachineDesign]



As I prompted here, measuring emotions is always a big issue when we are about to define a project involving users emotionally or improve the environment or product emotionally. PanorEmo is a tool to understand emotional reactions of the users to the environment that is captured in a panorama 360 view. Exploring this virtual space, users pin-point different characters - representing different emotions - to different places of the environment. Emotional characters have relevant sound for better expression and users write "why" they felt such so for each of them. Clustering of emotional characters indicates places of the environment that you have to take care of. Using PanorEmo is easy, you can try it for yourself here.