First all-electric sports car

Presented at British Int'l Motor Show, it is to be the first all-electric sports car. Lightning GT, the car with a carbon-fibre and aluminium chassis, gets its power from a bank of batteries that can be 'quick-charged' in just 10 minutes for a range of between 180 and 200 miles. Due to be delivered in 2010, there is some underlying concept behind Lightning design, and that is:" if you really want motorists to switch to green, electric motoring, you have to make it exciting." But guess what their major hurdle: the car is too quiet!. So they are about to add some noise to the lightning, maybe some sound of thunder, just to keep people away from it!



We have all suffered from pains of injection in different ways, but it is about to become more encouraging that you would head to the clinic to have lovely injection! Mimicing how mosquitos suck blood(only females bite, I mean moquitos!), providing microelectromechanical pump!, some people from India and Japan, have created microneedle, for easy, painless injections. It's got the size of 25 microns* (inner diameter) and 60 microns(outer diameter) as big as mosquito's mouth! It is made of strong Titanium. I wish it had been designed in my childhood! more we get closer to natural practical solutions of nature, more we get powerful.

* 1 micron= 0.001 mm



Frog has discussed "collective instinct" in us for making collection of things and thoughts. Understanding this collective mind of users and related underlying "meaningful stories" of ordering ideas and information is definitely helpful for designers because "we are responsible for understanding users’ extant relationships to information and ideas". In the end of the article it is concluded that the act of collecting is "an unspoken language that narrates one person’s unique relation to the world". I guess it is one of the best and practical ways to design user-centredly.