The Luxury Cars Women Want

Did you know that:"The car with the highest female ownership is the Volvo S40"?! and ain't it amazing to know that:" men are more likely to buy cars with their heart and women with their head"?! and did you know that women prefer to own cars which have got: safety, reliability, and value, actually these cars?!


what is fuwa pica?

I believe that emotional stimulation is what makes unforgettable Experience for users. fuwa pica is in the same way, and beyond that. high-tech furniture illuminating your favorite colorcaused by the pressure produced by you touching or sitting on it. don't miss the film of this magic ice model , ain't it enjoyable?


Less but better

I think Design owes to some people and one of them is great Dieter Rams. These people endowed some personality to Design and gave it an Identitiy to exist, to be. so it'd be revealing to see how this design philosopher defines good design in 10 simple statements.


a little Video for everyone

Although I'm so happy to have 2nd generation of iPod nano but it'd become some regret after launch of new iPod nano Video; the regret of Owning new high-tech things with appealing Design which'd never fade away, remains forever.