You remember first all-electric sports car, Lightning? Here's the other one from Tesla Motors. Tesla Roadster designed minimally and is comprised of 4 main components: the battery, which is relatively light, durable, recyclable and clean; Motor, the size of a watermelon!, 115 pounds, efficient; transmission: no clutch, and Power Electronics Module helps you drive surprisingly!; Power Electronics Module(PEM) controls motor torque, charging and regenerative braking. Check all these embedded in naked Tesla [here].
The brief process of Tesla creation [ here ].
and the most importantly, environmental benefits of such electrically-depended cars of today mentioned [ here ].
Tesla Roadster vs. Lightning [ here ].
You wanna buy some [ here ]. Definitely the cheaper electrical cars much more promote using clean energy and more people could afford it to make it an effective national strategy.
and finally, Tesla Roadster in action [ here ].