WIDD '09

poster designed by Carla Sapiain

Here comes again the World Industrial Design Day, in 2009. Congrats. to all who care about design and to all who've come to this understanding of Design vital role in the world today.

This year's theme: 'Industrial Design: the product of human creativity'

Check the events of this day worldwide, here.
The poster I designed last year for WIDD, here.
And some pics I took of WIDD '08 in Iran, Tehran, here.

Let us know how you celebrate WIDD in your country.


Swedish Design Exhibition in Tehran | pictorial report |

Between 11th and 27th of June, 10 design students from Sweden exhibit Swedish contemporary design in Tehran. I had a visit from the exhibition and took some pictures to share with you.

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Measuring Emotion

Emotions are fuzzy but so vital in design. So to understand these emotional responses of the users, there should be some ways.

PrEmo helps us to measure the emotional experience of the product, service, environment or statement. Instead of relying on the use of words, respondents can report their emotions with the use of expressive cartoon animations. Each of the 12 measured emotions is portrayed by an animation of dynamic facial, bodily, and vocal expressions. Check the Quick tour and key benefits.

LEM is a scientifically validated cartoon character that expresses a set of eight specific emotions. You can use LEM emotions stickers to apply this method. There could different applications of evaluating different things, from products to magazines.