Lightest Wheelchair

Again britons are making history in the world of product design with presentation of the lightest wheelchair . Free Spirit weighs 6.3kg and is made of carbon fiber composite which has made it the lightest, yet stiff and strong. Except from its high price (₤2595), that would bring comfortable, easy experience for those who are moving around with wheelchairs.


Morph is a mobile concept by NRC(Nokia Research Centre) and Cambridge Nanoscience Centre. Concept prepared and presented in the MOMA "Design and The Elastic Mind" Exhibition. This new concept by NOKIA makes benefit of Nan-Science advantages, which has resulted in Nano-grass structures to get solar power, or Nano-flowers to repel water and dirt. Morph is high-tech, yet green thanks to its magical materials. I highly recommend, never ever miss this descriptive informative video.