Key global warming solution: Bioenergy which is electricity and fuels derived from plant or animal-based materials. This solution doesnt work just in US, it could get adaptized to any country national policy(esp. industrial ones). read Union of Concerned Scientists report. bioenergy is just one part of the whole solution, energy efficiency, reduced energy demand through conservation, and reforms in transportation and land use policies must be pursued. Have a look at these bioenergy principles, which is totally informative. and also check out this one that is standard of low-carbon fuel. Lets wish the New Healthy Year for the planet.



Transparency, resistance, and aesthetics of the material matter for designers who are seeking new looks while lighter and stronger. well, Luran® is a kind of Styrene Acrylonitrile copolymer that its toughness is over styrene; these copolymers were born in 1940s. Eye-catching material look, apart from its mechanical spec., is so potential to help Design and this is why Softline Italian Co. which is a line in evolution, took advantage of Luran and Designed SLIM chair(the first of its kind) because Luran's high stiffness, low density and ease of processing allow this plastic to replace other transparent materials. Bright future for Materials and Designers!



I guess, more we trust in Innnovative methods, more useful ideas would get shaped in our minds while thinking on brand new solutions and this time, let's trust in ThinkCube, it's one of the innovation tools to reach new horizons in Design(as we are breathing in this kind of atmosphere). sounds to me, like breaking the simple cubic shell to discover precious treasures inside it, which are various dynamic forms! It works based on some innovation fundamentals such as: Breakthrough ideas come from playing with ideas and forming new connections. "Out of the box solutions in the box", Think Cube. Some offer: Try it!


The Year Concept Cars

small hybrid-fueled car is some far horizon that Automakers are getting closer to it little by little. Then maybe in the future car classification, there would be relatively small SUV, small GT and so on! Also these little lovely concept cars sparkled the imaginary future small world in my mind. and the question emerges is that how small are we going to be? as small as cells to best fit in the world? or would it be that much small that just fit around the body like some garment? or human being would stretch living world? dont forget fuel efficiency which should be green and economical initiative in the future concept cars.