Key global warming solution: Bioenergy which is electricity and fuels derived from plant or animal-based materials. This solution doesnt work just in US, it could get adaptized to any country national policy(esp. industrial ones). read Union of Concerned Scientists report. bioenergy is just one part of the whole solution, energy efficiency, reduced energy demand through conservation, and reforms in transportation and land use policies must be pursued. Have a look at these bioenergy principles, which is totally informative. and also check out this one that is standard of low-carbon fuel. Lets wish the New Healthy Year for the planet.



Transparency, resistance, and aesthetics of the material matter for designers who are seeking new looks while lighter and stronger. well, Luran® is a kind of Styrene Acrylonitrile copolymer that its toughness is over styrene; these copolymers were born in 1940s. Eye-catching material look, apart from its mechanical spec., is so potential to help Design and this is why Softline Italian Co. which is a line in evolution, took advantage of Luran and Designed SLIM chair(the first of its kind) because Luran's high stiffness, low density and ease of processing allow this plastic to replace other transparent materials. Bright future for Materials and Designers!



I guess, more we trust in Innnovative methods, more useful ideas would get shaped in our minds while thinking on brand new solutions and this time, let's trust in ThinkCube, it's one of the innovation tools to reach new horizons in Design(as we are breathing in this kind of atmosphere). sounds to me, like breaking the simple cubic shell to discover precious treasures inside it, which are various dynamic forms! It works based on some innovation fundamentals such as: Breakthrough ideas come from playing with ideas and forming new connections. "Out of the box solutions in the box", Think Cube. Some offer: Try it!


The Year Concept Cars

small hybrid-fueled car is some far horizon that Automakers are getting closer to it little by little. Then maybe in the future car classification, there would be relatively small SUV, small GT and so on! Also these little lovely concept cars sparkled the imaginary future small world in my mind. and the question emerges is that how small are we going to be? as small as cells to best fit in the world? or would it be that much small that just fit around the body like some garment? or human being would stretch living world? dont forget fuel efficiency which should be green and economical initiative in the future concept cars.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a Catalyst as the guys at Stanford believe so and I think that Stanford-ians are premiers of this type of Thinking thanks to they have created. It seems that thinking innovative like designers is more valuable to inject into sick ailing economy and in the future " Business Design" would lead the world enterprises. Dr. Charle Burnette has written about " 7 ways of design thinking(IDESIGN) " and also Nate Burgos considers Design and its vital influence on Everyday life. BTW, what's your IQ? No, not your intelligence quotient - your imagination quotient!? this is what matters these days to compete in turbulent economy.



It took sir James Dyson 5,127 prototypes to give a birth to bagless vacuum cleaner, Industrial/product design students know what it means! That dusty bag really was on my nerves as a child to remove it and clean it(like dear James). But I guess most of us can make true what we dreamt as a child only if like Dyson just try to:"see what needs to be done and just do it". And by the way, dear James is the 746th richest person in the world, with a net worth of about $1 billion. Industrial Design is proud of him.


Captain Organic

Industrial Design is a world of contradictions. So it's not a surprise to see Lovegrove - known as Captain Organic- opposing Blobism of Karim Rashid and calling it rubbish( see it for yourself, dont miss this video of Lovegrove, which is tooo much inspirational) . But the benefit lies behind this is that it pushes Design forward..

Canon Snap

Although it's futuristic concept, but its future which makes today and vice versa. The Canon Snap concept designed by David Münscher is a kind of very small ring-size camera that many of us would dream to have it. Size matters in the future world. Just imagine a little one-button camera around your finger to take pics while walking and wandering, then if you can dream it, then you'll have it.


What is graywater ?

It's a green initiative to think of a Gray Water we are making in our everyday lives: taking shower, washing dishes, etc. If you tend to think Green, then dealing with graywater irrigation, graywater treatment, graywater filters, and indoor graywater reuse, are some of nowadays Green Design concerns. Check out these fresh quick-reached Water-saving designs.


The Luxury Cars Women Want

Did you know that:"The car with the highest female ownership is the Volvo S40"?! and ain't it amazing to know that:" men are more likely to buy cars with their heart and women with their head"?! and did you know that women prefer to own cars which have got: safety, reliability, and value, actually these cars?!


what is fuwa pica?

I believe that emotional stimulation is what makes unforgettable Experience for users. fuwa pica is in the same way, and beyond that. high-tech furniture illuminating your favorite colorcaused by the pressure produced by you touching or sitting on it. don't miss the film of this magic ice model , ain't it enjoyable?


Less but better

I think Design owes to some people and one of them is great Dieter Rams. These people endowed some personality to Design and gave it an Identitiy to exist, to be. so it'd be revealing to see how this design philosopher defines good design in 10 simple statements.


a little Video for everyone

Although I'm so happy to have 2nd generation of iPod nano but it'd become some regret after launch of new iPod nano Video; the regret of Owning new high-tech things with appealing Design which'd never fade away, remains forever.


Knowhere Clocks

most of the time, when I'm chatting with my friends all around the world, or relatives, I am wondering what the time is there, and now, with Knowhere Clocks, we can make it, more beautifully, much more easier and right at the moment.


Cassette MP3 Player

If this mp3 player reminds me of Cassette nostalgia in the past, then maybe we can call it some of Retro-Design, so if chinese people are designing and are understanding Design language, then it means lots of things to lots of people, and the best one for me is that, great deal of people would involve with Design.


Why Design Won’t Save the World?

I always used to ask myself if Design is at service of poor people and if it is about to be human-centred, so why, day by day it is getting away from its real purpose, which part is important for Design, this 90%, or that 10%:

Who is Buckminster Fuller?

the first time I heard his name, Buckminster Fuller, goes back to the first review of Design history and his name always reminds me of that special drop-shape stream-lined car, Dymaxion Car , but Bucky is so much more than this, you can see it for yourself here.


Why NOT?

" You see things, and you say: ' Why? '

But I dream things that never were, and I say:

' Why not?' ''

George Bernard Shaw