3D World

It's been always my dream to make 3D models of my ideas and sketches as easy and fast as possible. and I am happy that I'm living in an era that every dream becomes true. Z Corp. suggests lots of solutions for 3D modeling, and it's great to see smaller and more compact modellers that could be used at home!(although prices are still the problem, but not for big companies). even you can have 3D figure of your imaginary character! along all these, again Stanford-ians, have converted 2D pictures into 3D models. all these achievements are speaking of second virtual life. What if I can have 3D model of . . . ?!



Aquaduct is a concept of tricycle that purifies water as the rider pedals. What this vehicle decided to do: sanitation and transportation in developing world. IDEO says:" The Aquaduct is designed to allow a person to sanitize and transport water simultaneously." see how it works. meanwhile there are some caring people who spread peace and better life: Potters for Peace. healthier lives thru Design.



Simple Re-usable Energy, this is the main title goes for USBCELL. When you save 15 billion Alkaline batteries made and thrown away each year, then you are deserved to get CeBIT-iF award in product design. This new Cell definitely helps reduce global energy and resource waste in the short-term. USBCELL functions are so varied and totally practical and useful. Great Design come out of minimal acts, like beheading battery to make it potential to be used as USB!! its like discovering multiple potentials of our surroundings, even those simple batteries!!