PHysical Interface + Virtualization

1. During the OnlyPlanet Project by NOKIA and within Ideation Discussion sessions with Nokia Designers, I remember once one of them suggested some physical bending device for gaming! At that time, that was totally revolutionary idea to me. So now its nice to see that Microsoft is working on PHysical Interface .

2. Big electronic companies are researching and evaluating the idea of putting different features of a mobile in a single device. VirtualLogix wants to help build phone using a kind of software known as virtualization. virtualization software would enable a mobile-phone maker to add features regardless of the operating system. This way is greatly time-saving. Virtualization also helps a phone run with fewer chips. So this way, cost-effective.



Just think of "Emotional Innovation" instead of "Technological" one! its a key factor to be able to stand strong in the 21th century market. Sohrab Vossoughi calls it 360-degree experience. he's been great at ZIBA and it is why his company is one of the first names in ID. Vossoughi admires Nau strategy to compete and to be successful. In the future designers would try to design "experiences" instead of products, actually it could be designer's expertise. ("Ziba" means "Beautiful" in persian language and Vossoughi is one of the many successful Iranians)



Why should we play mobile games with mobile keyboard and by the phone itself? why not to test some separate game controller? So Zeemote has designed some thumbstick game controller that is designed specially for mobile devices and it is 95 x 35 x 20 mm and 47g and fits in the palm of the hand. Well, let me say Mobile Gaming could be a potential field of design. Have a look, and zeemote in action. Some Hint: what if Zeemote could be integrated into the body of the mobile device and while needed get removed to be used! because it is importat to be easily carried!