at the entrance of conference hall

lit-up WIDD candles together reads DESIGN

last pic of all the participants of WIDD gathering in Tehran, Iran



At least it is a different perspective on mouse. WOW-PEN joy is claimed to be more ergonomic PC mouse since it provides position of hand-shaking; but I guess if you have to keep your wrist in some upright position, in comparison to the traditional flat hand, then may be you would put more energy to keep it that way. Especially when your hands are idle, still you have to maintain the upright position. there are some other upright PC mice. May be if there could be less material to grip (flat or vertical), then less energy would be consumed; I am talking about the future PC mice.


PHilips gaze-tracking shop windows

Well it would be a practical way to predict everything at the point of purchase instead of doing lots of field studies and psycho-analytical researches to see what drags buyers to the shops. so

this gaze-tracking shop windows system by PHilips works well to convince buyers to have a look inside the shop. it is based on gaze durations on different products in the shop window. having calculated the most looked at product, relevant information - audio/visual - would get appeared on special shop window display, just let you know more of the attractive product to your eyes. If it helps to boost sales and profits - having tested gaze-tracking system in practice - then it could be a good startng point to consider market trends and buyer impulses to buy. PHilips says it could also be applied in mueums and art galleries.



It removes out 99.99999 % bacteria from all sources of water and also other over 99 % percent of other microbes, and this is all done by LifeSaver, the world’s first all in one ultra filtration water bottle. 750 cc of pure clean water out of LifeSaver is not too much but helps you not to be thirsty while you need clean water in unexpected situations or distant places(though if you find any source of water!). Michael Prichard (again British) video describes his invention and design. He is interested in aid market and he has made a great step toward that, but the price of 230/195 £ is too much expensive for third world countries or charities, since they are target people who are in need of clean cheap water!