PHilips gaze-tracking shop windows

Well it would be a practical way to predict everything at the point of purchase instead of doing lots of field studies and psycho-analytical researches to see what drags buyers to the shops. so

this gaze-tracking shop windows system by PHilips works well to convince buyers to have a look inside the shop. it is based on gaze durations on different products in the shop window. having calculated the most looked at product, relevant information - audio/visual - would get appeared on special shop window display, just let you know more of the attractive product to your eyes. If it helps to boost sales and profits - having tested gaze-tracking system in practice - then it could be a good startng point to consider market trends and buyer impulses to buy. PHilips says it could also be applied in mueums and art galleries.

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Anonymous said...

so is the gaze tracking checking to see how well laid out the window is or what is truly more interesting to the window shopper.

Often something catches the eye, say offering motion in a shop window or high contrasting lines but is not appealing to the shopper where other things the shopper may actually be looking for would not draw that same attention. or something the shopper finds curious may draw more attention then something they truly desire but already, for instance, looked up online and knew enough about to not really give it much attention when seeing it in person.

Its a nice concept but needs more definition.