First all-electric sports car

Presented at British Int'l Motor Show, it is to be the first all-electric sports car. Lightning GT, the car with a carbon-fibre and aluminium chassis, gets its power from a bank of batteries that can be 'quick-charged' in just 10 minutes for a range of between 180 and 200 miles. Due to be delivered in 2010, there is some underlying concept behind Lightning design, and that is:" if you really want motorists to switch to green, electric motoring, you have to make it exciting." But guess what their major hurdle: the car is too quiet!. So they are about to add some noise to the lightning, maybe some sound of thunder, just to keep people away from it!

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Ali Sheikhpoor said...

It looks like BMW Gina Light. Are all future cars going to be semi-Gina?! :d