Apple vs Braun

Some design enthusiasts criticize Apple that it wasn't fair Jonathan Ive linger to admit his inspiration from Braun and Dieter Rams. Though, its clear that this is tribute here. but what about other similarities between these two. Sometimes that is taking from some general philosophy but, here it is duplication, isn't it? And why doesn't Braun sue apple on this? Is it some gift or there is some theif. Maybe they have paid Braun for borrowing design. but this is Ive who cares about simplicity, and dares to embrace this thinking, and then? well, we all know the outcome.


sarah said...

I always thought I wasn't that great of a designer because I refused to copy off of everyone else and my class work would just turn out maybe looking a little undecided, a bit like the state of my brain. I'd get fuming mad in the studio and in class when someone in class would go on the interweb and find some fashionable stuff then make an approximation of it in their project or copy the style. In class their stuff would look better and they'd get praised...I understand this is where fashion comes from. A group of people agree that something is cool, then everyone makes a version of it till it's a textbook style not some ripped up t-shirt some guy kept from camp and wore years later to a party and everyone thought it looked so authentic and ironic and started doing it too. And if you saw that and liked that, and did it yourself too because you liked it, and you wore a tribute the hilariously hip guy at the party outfit, that was probably fine too, but when you then started marketing it and merchandising it as your own style, well then that's just like the kid sitting next to me in class getting congratulated for learning that didn't happen when I really tried to think about the assignment and learn it and do it... moral of the story is copy and never tell and don't think, whatever you do don't think, don't have an original thought don't make an original design and when apple comes out with something cool like bubblegum colored clear well just make yours like that because then you won;t have to think and when they change their style copy that too. Notice many white products in the last few years?

sarah said...

In case anyone is interested, for next year, black is the new black.