Well, honestly when I first saw the film of it, I thought it's again something unreal but amazing. It didn't took a long to find it real, amazing and practical!! I am talking about this fantastic AFM harvester from AFM-Forest Ltd.. This "jack of all trades" machine cuts the trees from bottom, then peels, and then chops! And all these integrated in AFM harvester. You will enjoy seeing this masterpiece of design: gallery, brochore and videos.


mehdi said...
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mehdi said...

Wow surprize.
A real great machine. I enjyed alot.
نظر پري دريايي ها در مورد اين وسيله چيه؟.
Have a good Design!!

Hadi said...

Dear Majid,

Hi, I have seen one of your posts in applyabroad about degree statement.

What did you do at that time? Department had admitted me and sent my documents to graduate office for evaluation.

I have the temporary certificates but not the original one.

I appreciate your consideration. By the way sorry for commenting in your blog about my question.


Anonymous said...

hi im glad to meet yours!

irandoost said...

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